A Match Made in Heaven!

We love music here at Blue Ribbon Products and want to add some fun to our “digital game”. A blog about beer and music sounded fun and made a whole lotta sense to us. Beer and music are a match made in heaven. Please let us know what you think.

Simplicity is always in

Lately I have been listening to a lot of Peter Gabriel. Of course, it got me thinking about beer.   Lagers have never gone out of style, but they have been living in the shadows of the IPA craze and the next limited barrel aged beer release. Recently...

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Cheers to Canada!

Last Saturday I was on my porch, and grabbed a LaBatt Blue. Mmmm good. I was in a bit of a restless mood, since it was mid day, nice weather, and I felt the need to do something. I didn’t move from my hammock for a good hour, but eventually felt a sense of...

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Jimi Hendrix, Dragonflies and Beaches

Spring is here, and warmer weather cannot get here soon enough. Over the past week I checked in on Facebook and noticed a lot of friends spending their spring break down south. Beaches, beaches, and more beaches! The photos were amazing (but I was still...

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Vinyl Guy is an employee of Blue Ribbon Products. He is not a musician, nor a writer. He’s simply a music buff who likes to drink beer and listen to great music.